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The Producer Price Index, a designated statistics, is generated through the results of the Producer Price Survey (PPS) conducted nationwide. The survey gathers monthly producer prices of selected products of establishments included in the market basket. The PPI program covers approximately 68 percent of the service sector's output, as measured by revenue reported in the 2005 Economic Census. Data include industries in the following sectors: wholesale; transportation and information.Read More
PPI utilizes the Laspeyres-type method of index computation. The weights are computed from the value of production to derive concentration ratios from the Census of Gambia Business and Industry (GBI). For the current PPI, the weights of the major sectors and sub- sectors were computed from the results of the 2005 Manufacturing Establishments with total employment of 10 and over, which is the latest economic Census results.
The Producer Price Index (PPI) is a quarterly release that shows trends within the wholesale markets, manufacturing industries and commodities markets. All of the physical goods- producing industries that make up the Gambia economy are included, but imports are not. The PPI looks to capture only the prices that are being paid during the survey month itself. Many companies that do regular business with large customers have long-term contract rates, which may be known now but not paid until a future date. The PPI excludes future values or contract rates.
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