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The National Accounts Directorate is one of the six directorates of the Bureau and it forms the core of the Economics Statistics Division with its key function to provide monetary estimates of all economic activities undertaken by Gambians and non-Gambians within the territorial boundaries of the Gambia. The National Accounts unit compiles and analyzes data on all branches of economic activities to produce annual GDP for the Gambia.
The National Accounts Unit of the Gambia Bureau of Statistics has now migrated from SNA 68 to SNA 93 after the results of the 2006 Economic census became available, and the International Standard Industrial Classification version 3.1 adopted. The census provided benchmark data for 2004 using the production and expenditure approaches. It also provided the first opportunity for independently compiling GDP using the expenditure approach. The old series used 1976/77 as base year.
In 1996, the budget year was changed to tally with the calendar year. Our GDP series are now compiled on calendar year basis. We release preliminary GDP projection estimates for the current year by November which are revised by May, the following year. Our final estimates have two years lag. Work is on to draw the release dates nearer to the periods they relate to and to provide users with release schedule.
Below are some related GDP downloads.
National Accounts Downloads

  1. National Accounts Compilation