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Household surveys Unit is part of the Directorate of Social Statistics of the Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS). The unit was established in the then Central Statistics Department in 1990 as a national response to the ever growing need to develop sustainable household survey capability in The Gambia. The Household surveys Unit is an important vehicle for data collection to satisfying data needs and filling of data gaps that cannot be filled by administrative records or other means, for e.g. statistics on Income, Household Expenditure and Poverty rates. Since its establishment the unit continues to conduct household surveys on ad hoc basis.
Responsibilities of the Household Surveys Unit
The Household Surveys unit is responsible for the design and implementation of household surveys covering different subject matter areas. Activities associated with the conduct of household surveys include:
  • Compilation and maintenance of sampling frames for household surveys
  • The Selection of master samples for the surveys
  • Preparation of the necessary technical tools for the realization of household surveys, including questionnaires
  • Compilation of reference and training manuals for interviewers, for field supervisors and for editors and coders
  • Planning and implementing of enumeration; Data validation in conjunction with subject matter specialists
  • Survey report writing